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papel de seda, alambre de púas, alambre de cuchillo, nylon, adhesivo, papel de copia, marcador fino

 tissue paper, barbered wire, razor wire, nylon, adhesive, copy paper, fine marker

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Atrapada expresa mi compleja identidad de ser indocumentado y sentirme aislada de mis dos hogares: México y EE. UU. En los últimos 22 años, no he regresado a mi hogar natal y el único hogar que reconozco me detesta. Entonces, ¿dónde pertenezco?

La frontera.

Esta estructura de matanza diseñada por el hombre me ha deprivado mis derechos y ha moldeado violentamente mi identidad. Entonces, ¿quién soy yo?

Utilizando mariposas monarca, represento la dignidad y la resistencia de mi comunidad y los derechos que todos los seres vivos tienen para moverse libremente. La frontera no nos detiene.

Invitó aquellos en posiciones privilegiadas a un llamado de acción para proteger a las comunidades de las pólizas de inmigración despiadadas e inhumanas.

Para mi comunidad indocumentada, nosotros estamos aquí para quedarnos, para luchar, y prosperar. Recuerden, nosotros estamos cumpliendo el sueño más inimaginable de nuestros padres...

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Atrapada expresses my complex identity of being undocumented and feeling alienated from both my homes: Mexico and the U.S. In the past 22 years, I have not returned to my native home and the only home I recognize loathes me. So where do I belong? 

The border. 

This man-made manslaughtering structure has stripped away my rights and has violently molded my identity. So who am I? 

Using monarch butterflies, I represent the dignity and resilience of my community and the rights all living beings have to move freely. The border does not stop us. 

I invite those in privilege positions for a call to action to protect communities from ruthless and inhuman immigration policies   

For undocumented folks, we are here to stay, to fight, and to thrive. Remember, we are our parents’ wildest dreams… 

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"esta no para"- my mom 

Lesly Ramos (b. 1997) is an undocumented Mexican artist raised in Chicago. She was brought to the U.S. at the age of 5 months & has not returned. Strongly believing that art is a form of healing from traumatic & systemic oppression, she pursued a B.A. in Studio Arts with a concentration in Latin America from St. Olaf College.  

Lesly is passionate about raising awareness concerning issues within the Mexican immigrant community & in her neighborhood- Little Village (often referred to as the Mexico of the Midwest)- & exploring her own complex identity. She primarily works with digital illustrations, graphics, & media elements, but recently has worked with 2D elements. 

She hopes to lead an art non-profit that provides undocumented youth a space to explore their creative energy while serving their community needs through art-making. 

In her free time, she likes to bake + rate coffee shops + dreams of starting her own youtube channel for the 500000+ time.  

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